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The ISRS Next Generation Project is one project on the roadmap for developing system-wide recommendations for ways to better serve our 435,000 students, strengthen our colleges and universities, and protect their unique character and autonomy. Representative students, faculty and staff members at our colleges and universities are being asked to share their experiences using ISRS in order to “re-imagine ISRS” in the future.

Listening Session Overview

In order to ensure all voices are heard when it comes to ISRS satisfaction/expectations, the system office has engaged CampusWorks, Inc. to conduct Listening Sessions across the system and supplement their findings with an all campus online survey.  These full day Listening Sessions will be conducted at 31 colleges and universities in Minnesota State Colleges and Universities throughout September and October, 2015.

All students, staff and faculty are invited to the in-person Listening Sessions and should come ready to discuss how they use ISRS, how ISRS enhances their ability to conduct business, as well as areas/functions they feel could be enriched.

A formal summary of all Listening Sessions will be created after all Listening Sessions are concluded.  Copies of this summary will be made available for faculty, staff, and students before the end of December, 2015.

Business Case

A Business Case outlining the ISRS Next Generation strategic roadmap and funding requirements will result from the input provided by campuses.  This Business Case will be presented to the Leadership Council as a preliminary set of recommendations for consideration as the community undertakes the 2018-2019 biennial budget development process.

Learn more at the project FAQ page!  Remember to participate in the survey for all ISRS / eServices users.